Cat Rental Stores names 2017 Vendor of the Year.

Genie has received the award thanks to its quality, product support and policy, ease of doing business and overall vendor satisfaction.

April 16, 2018
Edited by Adam Redling

Cat Rental Stores, part of the Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar brand, named Genie, a Redmond, Washington-based brand of Terex, as the Cat Rental Store 2017 Vendor of the Year at the company’s 2018 Rental Summit Allied Vendor Fair and Reception. The criteria for vendors of the year include quality, product support and policy, ease of doing business and overall vendor satisfaction. This is the first year the Cat Rental Store Vendor of the Year award has been given.

“I am very pleased to bestow Genie with the honor of our 2017 Vendor of the Year,” Erica Baird, global allied product manager of Global Rental & Used Equipment Services at Caterpillar Inc., says. “The Cat Rental Stores have distinguished Genie as an exceptional vendor, committed to providing our dealers with quality products and support to ensure our customers’ success from the start to the finish of any project or job. We look forward to growing our long and successful relationship with Genie.”

According to Baird, at the end of last year, Caterpillar worked with its dealers to determine the key attributes required to be recognized as the Cat Rental Stores Vendor of the Year. Baird stated that Genie, a leading manufacturer of aerial lift equipment, was recognized for its ongoing commitment to provide the highest overall value to Cat Rental Store dealers and, most importantly, to Cat Rental Store customers.

“It is a privilege to receive this prestigious recognition from Caterpillar,” Paul Smith, Genie national accounts manager, Terex AWP, says. “At Genie, we are committed to the success of our customers’ businesses, from delivering high-quality aerial lift equipment to our responsive support after the sale. We take great pride in providing Cat Rental Stores the products, services and programs they need to meet the growing and changing needs of their customers.”