Shredder from Brilex
Shredder from Brilex

Brilex Technical Solutions adds in-house shredder division

The new division will offer shredder system design and integration.

Brilex Technical Solutions (BTS), Youngstown, Ohio, now offers a full line of metal shredding solutions. The company is the engineering partner of Brilex Industries.

According to the company, BTS plans to serve the market as a one-stop shop of design, engineering and manufacturing to build durable shredders and systems. BTS' Shredder Products division will serve the scrap and recycling industry for ferrous and nonferrous metals that supply steel and aluminum mills and foundries across the North American market. 

BTS uses its level of experience with state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D design/modeling software to ensure that each solution is tailored for a company’s specific needs and with long-term quality in mind, the company reports. Other provided benefits include casting inventory, on-demand service and support, reverse engineering capabilities and warranty guarantee. 

“A large percentage of our focus will be on upgrading existing installed shredders [and] replacing lighter or poorly designed competitive components with more durable and efficient components,” says Bill Tigner, director of Shredder Products at Brilex. “With 30-plus years of scrap shredder experience, we transition our manufacturing expertise into creative, high-quality, and cost-effective engineered solutions to bring the long-term value that our customers deserve.”

The BTS Shredder product lines are designed to efficiently handle shredding capacities from 40 to 300 tons per hour, according to the company. BTS integrates all aspects of the typical shredder project, including site layout, infeed conveyance and downstream separation for ferrous and nonferrous applications. It also integrates hydraulic and electrical control systems as well as turnkey installations. 

The shredder division will also offer major equipment upgrades that will include the following:

  • Shredder boxes. To extend the life of the equipment, BTS’ automobile shredder box is designed with maximum strength and thickness in areas of greatest wear and impact to reduce downtime.
  • Rotors. Rotor assemblies are made with the toughest steels and machined and balanced for peak performance. Rotors are sized for both efficiency and endurance and are offered as either a spider or disc model.
  • Feed rolls. BTS designs and builds single and double feed roll models to optimize the shredding process. These components come equipped with heavy-duty rolled steel shells with integrated tooth and bar design and reinforced trunnions.
  • Other processing components. To complement the robust line of scrap shredding products, BTS is also the source for shears, balers and preshredder design, development and manufacturing supply.