OSHA recognizes Brandenburg for Bannister Federal Complex demolition

OSHA recognizes Brandenburg for Bannister Federal Complex demolition

Total scrap materials salvaged or recycled was 50,235.67 net tons and Brandenburg crushed over 750,000 tons of clean concrete to be reused on-site. No injuries were recorded despite 750,000 manhours worked.

October 7, 2020

The Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently recognized Chicago-based Brandenburg Industrial Service Company for its work demolishing the Bannister Federal Complex.

The Bannister Federal Complex was comprised of approximately 4.5 million square feet and located on 300 acres in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally, the site was used for agricultural purposes until the early 1920s, when the Kansas City Racetrack was constructed and briefly operated. In 1943, during World War II, Pratt & Whitney began manufacturing airplane engines at the site and did so until 1948, when the production of jet engines commenced. Jet engines were manufactured at the site until 1961.

Beginning in 1949, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission expanded manufacturing operations, including the manufacture of non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons. A majority of the buildings in the complex supported manufacturing activities. The remaining buildings supported non-manufacturing activities such as warehousing and administration. The western side of the Bannister Federal Complex had been under the auspices of the General Services Administration (GSA).

The scope of Brandenburg’s work included the complete remediation and demolition of the property. This included removal of regulated and hazardous materials, demolition of buildings and structures and remediation of site soils in accordance with mitigation plans with the intent to redevelop the property for future commercial use. In all, Brandenburg demolished 76 buildings that comprised over 3.4 million square feet of concrete structures, and over 300,000 square feet of steel framed building structures, including all basements and mezzanines. Also, the company removed 358,419.67 tons of debris, scrap and salvage materials from the site. Total scrap materials salvaged or recycled was 50,235.67 net tons and Brandenburg crushed over 750,000 tons of clean concrete to be reused on-site.

According to OSHA, Brandenburg achieved outstanding safety and health performance by placing safety as the priority. Brandenburg Service Company developed and implemented a Site-Specific Master Health and Safety Plan at the beginning of the project that helped set the tone for the duration of the job. The Brandenburg team delivered consistent communications around the safety and health program and expectations throughout the project. Throughout the entirety of the demolition project, Brandenburg Service Company and OSHA personnel worked together to achieve buy-in of all stakeholders, OSHA says. This was critical in achieving a safety culture on-site.

Safety and health highlights from the project include:

  • Total case rate (TCR) and Days Away, Restrictive and Transfer (DART) of 0 on a challenging demolition project with more than 750,000 manhours worked
  • No occupational overexposures to silica, total dust, respirable dust and asbestos were determined during the duration of the demolition project
  • Excellent lines of communication and collaboration between contractor, subcontractors and union representatives achieved a common goal
  • During the project, 920 employees and 48 supervisors completed the site-specific safety orientation
  • Each contractor had a supplemental Health and Safety Plan (HASP) that correlated with the SSHASP. Contractors had to adhere to the most stringent policies encountered in the site plans
  • First OSHA Kansas City OSHA Office Partnership with Brandenburg Service Company, who is primarily engaged in demolition projects
  • Partner participated in the OSHA Stand Down for Fall Protection week, Safe and Sound Week, and Heat Illness Prevention
  • Commitment to a genuine safety and health culture and best work practices from the tradesmen up the chain to project executives

"Through our strategic partnership with OSHA’s Kansas City Area Office, Brandenburg and the supporting partners of the Bannister Transformation & Development Project were able to safely complete the remediation and demolition of approximately 4,000,000 square feet of structures, injury free,” Brandenburg Corporate Environmental, Safety and Health Manager Daniel Charles says. “The Partnership assisted us in employee safety and health training, sharing of best practices, and hazard recognition through joint training exercises and evaluations."

"During the demolition initiative, not only did Brandenburg Industrial Service Company go above and beyond to ensure the safety and health of their own workforce; you also ensured the safety and health of all the workers at the job-site,” OSHA Area Director of the Kansas City Area Office Karena Lorek said during an award ceremony celebrating Brandenburg’s work. “You at the Bannister Federal Complex brought your safety culture to Kansas City and demonstrated that culture to subcontractors and local employees. One of the ways you demonstrated this was having the partnership with OSHA. Brandenburg wanted workers to see that they were welcoming of OSHA and sharing the belief that OSHA, businesses, unions and employees all have one goal in mind to go home to their families alive and well. On behalf of the OSHA national office, OSHA-Region 7, and the Kansas City Area Office, it is my honor and pleasure to present you today with this plaque of appreciation. We are honored to work with you and thank you for your dedicated commitment to ensuring the safety and health of workers in the construction industry."