Chicago area crushing plant approved

Concrete recycling plant had earlier been voted down by Will County, Ill.

January 17, 2014

Northern Illinois quarry operator Boughton Materials Inc. has won approval from the Will County, Ill., county board of county legislators to install a concrete recycling plant on its property. The approval comes after adjustments were made to the initial proposal, which was rejected in February 2013.

According to a late December 2013 report in the Chicago Tribune, the Will County Board approved the agreement that will allow the crushing plant to be built at Boughton’s 200-acre Wheatland Township quarry near Naperville and Bolingbrook, Ill.

The February rejection vote took place after groups “representing 16 neighboring subdivisions” objected to the recycling plant, according to the Tribune report.

The December terms included stipulations that Boughton Materials will be required to install water spray bars as a dust control measure for inbound and outbound trucks, to limit the types of concrete materials it can accept for recycling and to be subject to county inspections.

According to the Tribune, three times previously Boughton Materials has had to sue the county relative to zoning decisions with which it disagreed, with Boughton winning those cases each time.