Contractor files lawsuit against Adams County, Illinois, Health Department

Contractor files lawsuit against Adams County, Illinois, Health Department

Blick’s Construction Co. Inc. claims the county owes the company more than $100,000 in unpaid demolition costs.


A contractor that demolished the former Adams County Health Department building in Illinois and five other buildings has filed a lawsuit claiming the county owes more than $100,000, a report by the Herald-Whig says. Blick’s Construction Co. Inc., Quincy, Illinois, is seeking $117,019 for additional work required during the demolition.

Blick’s was awarded the $677,112 bid on Jan. 10, 2017, to demolish the buildings. The lawsuit says the project manual did not include additional tasks that were required during demolition and Blick’s did not build the costs into their bid.

During one of the projects, Blick’s crews found a previously demolished building underneath a parking lot and the firm billed an additional $72,046 to remove the debris, fill the hole with rocks and compact the area.

The county was charged an additional $8,451 for the removal and filling in of a basement that was not included in the project manual. The manual calls for a crawl space about 2 feet deep, the report says. The manual also says a retaining wall footing at the former Health Department building was not thicker than 2 feet but Blick’s says the wall was twice as thick, which added $5,600 to the cost.

An additional $10,960 was required to fill in the concrete slab of one building, while $19,872 was required to remove and fill a concrete foundation at another. The report says the project manual calls for removal of limestone foundation walls.

The lawsuit states that Poepping, Stone, Back and Associates, the county’s engineering firm for the project based in Quincy, Illinois, and county representatives were consulted for the additional work. The Adams County Board voted to reject Blick’s bill. Mark Peter, Jail Exploratory Committee chairman, says in the report that a change order for additional work should have been filed before the work was complete.

The plaintiff is seeking a jury trial for the case. According to the report, a court date has not been set.