New York biomass project receives RES certification

The target date for commercial operation of the plant is 2021.


The upcoming Taylor Biomass Energy, LLC (TBE) waste recycling and energy project in Montgomery, New York, has been approved for a Tier 1 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Provisional Certification. TBE says in a news release that the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has found the facility provisionally meets the eligibility requirements for its gasification of adulterated biomass waste streams. Adulterated biomass contained items such as wet food scraps, non-painted waste wood and other biomass in the waste stream.

The target date for the commercial operation of the Taylor-Montgomery plant is April 15, 2021. Once it opens, the facility will produce recyclables and alternative, renewable, wholesale electricity eligible for clean renewable energy credits (RECs). TBE says greenhouse gas emissions from its plant will be “well below” federal EPA and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation limits.

“We are negotiating with lenders and anticipating a first quarter 2019 financial closing for funding of the first portion of this project,” says James W. Taylor Jr., the president and CEO of Taylor-Montgomery, in a written release.

TBE says its process is cleaner than direct combustion of municipal solid waste (MSW) presently used at over 200 waste to energy plants across the U.S. because it is an indirect heating process in an oxygen-free environment, which greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The plant will produce clean renewable energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, minus downtime for maintenance. TBE says this may be compared with energy produced from solar panels or wind turbines with yearly averages of energy production at 20 percent or 40 percent, respectively. The plant will also recycle and reduce up to 70 percent of the waste stream, dramatically reducing municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste and waste wood that is currently trucked long distances to a shrinking number of landfills.

“This NYSERDA/NYSPSC approval is very important to our investors and lenders as we complete financing of this breakthrough green energy technology” Taylor says. “We applaud Governor [Andrew] Cuomo’s green energy initiatives and ambitious goal of 100 percent of New York state electricity coming from clean energy by 2040, and the Clean Energy Standards the New York Public Service Commission, NYSERDA and NYSDEC have established. The New York Empire State Economic Development Corp. has also been helpful in creating new jobs through support of new green energy projects.”

The decision made by NYSERDA in December provisionally certified the Taylor biomass gasification process the same Tier 1 Renewable Energy status as the electricity produced by wind, solar, hydropower, anaerobic digesters and methane gas captured from landfills. RECs may be sold in the state for about $20 a megawatt hour. NYSERDA determined after an extensive qualification process that TBE provisionally meets the requirements for eligibility contained in the New York State Public Service Commission “Order Adopting a Clean Energy Standard” issued Aug. 1, 2016.

 “This is a significant accomplishment which uses an innovative technology to support the governor’s environmental initiatives, reduce life cycle greenhouse gases and promote economic development with good paying jobs,” says Allan Page, the retired senior executive of Central Hudson Gas and Electric and a consultant to Taylor.