Aerial view of Battle Motors' Ohio plant
Battle Motors has expanded and upgraded its New Philadelphia, Ohio, plant to prepare for a future with a variety of powertrains, including those powered by clean natural gas and electricity.
Photo courtesy of Battle Motors

Battle Motors expands Ohio plant by more than 200,000 square feet

The upgrade and expansion of the New Philadelphia, Ohio, plant positions the company to meet demand as the truck industry transitions to CNG and electric vehicles.

September 20, 2022

Proving that large-scale manufacturing and innovation are alive and well in America’s heartland, Battle Motors, New Philadelphia, Ohio, has announced the company’s expanded production facility is open and fully operational.

A game-changer for the company, the factory’s size has increased significantly—from 125,000 square feet to 325,000 square feet—or more than five football fields. Located in New Philadelphia, the facility is where Battle Motors manufactures diesel, clean natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles (EVs) for vocational vehicles, including waste collection trucks.

Founder and CEO of Battle Motors, Michael Patterson, says the plant’s expansion is the “most ambitious” project the company has undertaken.

“We have made the investment in the expansion of the physical plant, acquired the right technology, and most importantly, have made a commitment to the people of Central Ohio by already adding 200 employees to our workforce and creating high-tech jobs at a truly momentous time,” he says. “It’s game on.” 

The modernized facility will maximize the throughput of the company’s multiple production lines and transform operations as Battle Motors scales up to meet the demands of the evolving transportation landscape. From additional production lines, shipping bays and receiving docks to the latest technologies used for fabrication, paint application and vehicle assembly, Battle Motors hopes to lead the heavy-duty truck industry in the nationwide deployment of EVs. 

The company invested $32 million in the facility to jumpstart fabrication, production capacity and vehicle delivery. The investment enables the team at Battle Motors to manufacture its full line of trucks with innovative feature sets including a best-in-class powertrain paired with the Battle Motors “Smart Cab,” featuring a digital instrument cluster and proprietary software, RevolutionOS

“Reaching this milestone is definitely an achievement we’re very proud of,” Battle Motors Chief Operating Officer Cody Boggs says. “Our team of local labor and contractors minimized the disruption that can be expected with an expansion of this size, and our production numbers throughout have been really impressive. Working within the limitations of our original factory, we still hit record numbers month-over-month, reaching our 2021 [production goal] by July of this year.” 

Battle Motors executives are more optimistic than ever about future production, which will be driven by the new facility’s continuous assembly flow and automation upgrades and powered by vertical integration capabilities including 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining.  

The company owns additional acreage adjacent to the new facility where the build-out of new assets is planned, including research and development and prototype fabrication spaces, as well as a test track.