Autocar Truck and Big Truck Rental launch terminal tractor rental program

Two industry leaders partner to create strong North American rental presence.


Autocar LLC, Hagerstown, Indiana, and Big Truck Rental, Tampa, Florida, announced the first national terminal tractor rental program for fleets across North America on June 15. According to the companies, this strategic alliance fills a much-needed gap in the underserved terminal tractor rental market. The program will launch in the third quarter this year.

“As we look into the fragmented terminal tractor market, there are so many varied needs for small, medium and large fleet owners. One of the most outstanding and critical elements needed is the support of operations to meet the ever-expanding needs of business—and this can be achieved most effectively through the strategic use of rentals,” Mark Aubry, general manager of Autocar’s Terminal Tractor division says. “In partnering with Big Truck Rental, we can service our customers’ variable operational needs and growth requirements flexibly and comprehensively. We look forward to working together to set the standard in the terminal tractor rental industry.”

Autocar’s direct-to-customer business model and Big Truck Rental’s reach in the marketplace will provide enhanced service to fleet owners, the companies note.

“We see an opportunity to provide a value-added rental offering to fleets across North America by leveraging technology and processes combined with the superior [Autocar] ACTT [trucks] and the Autocar dealer network,” says Zach Martin, president of Big Truck Rental. “Our top priority is to provide our customers with a service that gives them flexibility, dependability and support—allowing them to focus on their core business.”