Adamo Group awarded Pontiac Silverdome demolition contract

Adamo Group awarded Pontiac Silverdome demolition contract

Implosion planned for portion of the arena Dec. 3, 2017.

November 15, 2017
CDR Staff
The city of Pontiac, Michigan, has issued a demolition permit to the Detroit-based demolition firm, Adamo Group, for the Pontiac Silverdome. The process will kick off on Dec. 3, 2017 with a partial implosion of the mechanical equipment platform at the top of the 400,000 square-foot former home of the Detroit Lions. In case of inclement weather, it will be Dec. 10, 2017.

The scheduled blast will break the metal beams that support the upper ring of the stadium; a 20-foot steel band that supported the equipment that was used to keep the roof inflated. Each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will house a small charge, which upon detonation; will cause the beams to brake and the steel ring to fall to the ground. The remainder of the demolition process will be handled through the use of hydraulic excavators and will be completed in sections.

1,700 tons of structural steel and 1,800 tons of rebar will be recycled at a ferrous processing plant within the city, keeping seven workers busy for at least six months, though it will take approximately one year to complete the full demolition of the structure.

Mayor Deirdre Waterman worked with the owners, Triple Investment Group, Toronto, to achieve this success.

“Farewell Silverdome, hello world of new opportunity,” Waterman says. “When the demolition is complete, the site will be one of the hottest properties in Southeast Michigan. The City of Pontiac is ready to work with any developers who want to optimize the potential of this property.”

“This is a great time to invest in Pontiac,” Waterman says. “With the renewal of Pontiac’s economy and its positioning in the heart of AAA bond-rated Oakland County, the 127-acre Silverdome site, at the intersection of major highway systems I-75 and M-59, is perfectly positioned for future corporate development on a grand scale.”

Originally dubbed Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium, the Silverdome opened its doors on Aug. 23, 1975. It was the proud home of the Detroit Lions until they relocated to Ford Field in 2002. It also was home to the Detroit Pistons from 1978-1988 – the years that through a few thoughtful trades laid the foundation for Detroit’s championship winning ‘Bad Boys’ in 1989.

For 30 action-packed years, the stadium regularly held concerts and sporting events that consistently exceeded attendance levels of more than 60,000 people, and over 93,000 who attended a mass with Pope John Paul II in 1987. Notable artists that graced the stage were U2 , The Who, Elvis Presley, Chaka Khan, Led Zeppelin and the Spinners. The Silverdome’s AstroTurf field be held some of footballs greatest all time players such as Barry Sanders, Billy Simms, Herman Moore and Lo mas Brown.

The Lions made eight playoff appearances during their years at the Silverdome. In March of 2017, 50th District Court handed down a judgement that set forth the term s of demolition for the Silverdome. The judgement was the result of the city filing a nuisance abatement action a month earlier due to the condition of the property.