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Air Technical Industries September 21, 2011

Air Technical Industries

, Mentor, Ohio, has developed a mobile universal lifter-dumper. The Universal Dumper is capable of lifting and inverting up to 180 degrees. According to the company, it can handle a wide variety of container shapes and sizes, including 55-gallon steel drums. The company adds that containers that used to be handled manually, causing fatigue can now be grabbed and dumped with the Universal Dumper.

The unit is mobile and self-propelled with variable speed control. The drive speed ranges from 1 fpm (feet per minute) to 4 mph. The steering is 90 degrees left and right for a tight turning radius. The machine rides on 8-inch in diameter, roller-bearing-mounted, polyurethane-coated wheels. It is powered by a battery. Lifting masts tilt forward and back. In addition, all functions are hydraulically operated.

The dumping height is up to 7 feet. The dumping chute is V-shaped to retain control of the item, regardless of its shape. The V chute and stop bars are designed to prevent the container from sliding during dumping.

The unit can also be loaded automatically by conveyor with the optional conveyor bottom. A container on a conveyor will roll onto the dumper hopper for quick and efficient operation, says the company.

The height of the dumper in the lowered position is 76 inches, allowing it to pass through doorways and narrow aisles. A transparent mast allows the operator to see where the unit is travelling for precise positioning, according to the company.

More information is available at www.airtechnical.com.


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