VR Series Heavy-Duty Shredder

VR Series Heavy-Duty Shredder

July 29, 2010

UNTHA Shredding Technology Inc

Shredder Shredder

Untha Shredding Technology, based in Austria, has introduced the VR series of heavy-duty shredders developed for the wood, plastics and paper recycling industries.

The VR series of single-shaft shredders was developed in cooperation with commercial and industrial operators over the course of 18 months. It features a “sturdy and functional design as well as outstanding maintainability,” according to Untha.

The shredder also features a drive that allows for high throughput with low energy consumption, Untha states in a press release. “Furthermore, the gear unit was integrated into the rotor, which make shaft stubs, which have frequently led to problems in conventional machines, a thing of the past,” according to the company.

The VR series offers touch-screen operation and a large feed hopper.
More information is available at www.untha.com.