TM8516i Shredder

TM8516i Shredder

September 20, 2012

Franklin Miller

The TM8516i from Franklin Miller, Livingston, N.J., features low speed, high torque counter-rotating cutters  that intensively shear and shred wood, documents, product rejects, screenings, sludge, fish waste, plastics, fabrics, waste material, and more. This versatile, compact shredder can be used to re-process scrap product, reduce waste and pre-condition materials for further processing. 

The units are suitable for either wet, dry, gravity or pressurized environments. They are equipped standard for industrial applications with a stand, hopper and control.  Their powerful shredding capabilities can be employed for reducing wet or dry bulk waste. They can easily be configured for pipe systems where they protect pumps and process equipment.

The TM8516i is supplied with a variety of cutter configurations for fine or coarse output, an effective mechanical seal system, low speed, high torque operation and a direct cycloidal gear drive. The shredder is available as a stand-alone unit, in dual-stage designs or as part of complete custom-engineered, size reduction systems.  The units are available in stainless steel construction.  A supplied S260 Automatic Control System senses jam conditions and automatically cycle the unit rotation to clear the blockage.

Typical units employ a 3 horsepower to 5 horsepower (2.2-4.0 kw) motor with a heavy duty gear drive for low speed, high torque operation.  

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