Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management

Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management

August 24, 2010

National Demolition Association
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The National Demolition Association (NDA, and Purdue University Press have announced the publication of what the two groups say is the nation's first university textbook on the subject of the demolition process.

Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management is co -authored by Richard Diven, a demolition veteran, and Mark Shaurette, a Purdue University assistant professor. The book is designed to provide basic demolition knowledge, best practices and standards for the industry.

"This is the first systematic presentation of means and methods that define exactly what modern demolition contractors do,” says Michael Taylor, NDA’s executive director. “It describes an increasingly complex business that requires knowledge of construction, law, nearly every aspect of engineering, and a Byzantine maze of environmental regulations. We expect the textbook to enlighten the university community, the construction industry [and] regulators as to the skills, training and experience that are needed to be a demolition professional."

Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management was initially developed for use at Purdue University, which offers a demolition and reconstruction specialization program offered through the university’s Department of Building Construction Management in the College of Technology. The specialization, aimed at aspiring demolition professionals and other professionals who wish to become more versed in the demolition process, focuses on skills needed within the industry.

Those wishing to order the textbook can go to Purdue University Press at or can call (800) 247-6553 in North America or +44 (0) 1767 604972 outside of North America.