TL80 Compact Wheel Loader

TL80 Compact Wheel Loader

April 23, 2012

Terex Corp.

The Terex TL80 Compact Wheel Loader offers economical, quiet, and low-maintenance operation without sacrificing cutting-edge technology. Ideal for digging, loading and hauling jobsite materials, the progressive Terex range addresses the needs for a variety of construction site work.

Each model incorporates transverse-mounted engines for optimal stability — so Terex wheel loaders can lift and transport high payloads, and in turn lower fuel consumption. Designed with an oscillating rear axle, it provides comfort and easy handling on rough terrain by maintaining 4-wheel traction, as well as articulated steering to effortlessly maneuver in tight spaces.

Operators can easily and accurately control movements even when giving the loader full power — making Terex hydrostatic wheel loaders a choice for powerful breakout and fast lifting.

The Terex TL80 Compact Wheel Loader is 59 horsepower, with bucket capacities between 1.0 cubic yards and 1.6 cubic yards and achieves a breakout force of 10,128 pounds.

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