May 30, 2012



, Charlotte, N.C., has partnered with

Creative Systems, Inc. (CSI)

, Lynchburg, Va., as the exclusive manufacturer for CSI’s unique patent pending design MADROC (Multiple Activated Dump Roll Off Container). The container features individually powered compartments designed for easy separation and emptying of waste, recyclables and other materials.

MADROC is available with 6 sizes of independent compartments ranging in capacity from 1.5 yards to 12 yards and nine different configurations to meet users’ needs.

Each compartment in a MADROC container can be independently operated using a controller that is accessible inside the cab of the truck or from the ground. Drivers can maximize their efficiency by emptying individual compartments without raising the hoist. Compartments can be powered using natural gas, the truck’s hydraulics or solar hydraulics.

According to Wastequip, MADROC containers can safely handle up to 50,000 pounds gross capacity and can be transported by most hook lift or roll-off cable hoists with no retrofitting required.

The container was developed by C. Scott Elliott, president of CSI. “As a general contractor, we developed MADROC to contain all our recycling materials on LEED construction projects. We wanted to create a container that worked with conventional trucks already being used in the industry today,” says Elliott. “The great thing about MADROC is it saves labor by allowing on-site material sorting and provides an easy, at-a-glance measure of the amount of materials in each container.”

MADROC is ideal for construction contractors seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). MADROC can be used to earn LEED points in the categories of sustainable sites and materials and resources because it allows easy on-site separation of recyclables. Optional plastic lids keep pests from accessing the containers and prevent water runoff, helping construction sites comply with the Clean Water Act’s stormwater regulations regarding the exposure of construction materials and debris to weather.

In addition to construction sites, MADROC can also be used by municipalities, schools, recycling centers and any site where a more efficient means of separating materials is needed, according to Wastequip.

“Wastequip is excited to manufacture MADROC containers,” says Anne Brantley, product manager for Wastequip. “This innovative container complements the wide range of waste and recycling containers we currently offer and provides a new alternative to those who want a more efficient means of separating and emptying recyclables.”