June 21, 2011

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment

Wheel Loaders Wheel Loaders

West Fargo, N.D.-based Doosan introduces its DL300 wheel loader. Powered by a turbocharged 217 horsepower Doosan diesel engine, the DL300 provides the low-end performance and strong torque rise that is required to dig and carry heavy loads, according to the company. The company adds that an electronically controlled, high-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection system helps keep emissions and fuel consumption low.

Standard limited slip differentials on both the front and rear axles allow the DL300 to tackle tough terrain, delivering powerful pushing force and providing superior penetration into the hardest materials.

With available buckets ranging from 3.5 to 4.6 cubic yards, the DL300 can take on a wide range of material handling tasks, from loading and transporting aggregates such as rock, sand and gravel, to industrial and agricultural applications like demolition, recycling, composting and handling of coal, salt, grain and fertilizer, the company says.

A robust Z-bar lifting system provides a standard bucket breakout force of 36,419 pounds. The DL300 has a static tipping load of 29,392 pounds at maximum reach with a straight frame and 24,143 pounds at the maximum steering angle of 40 degrees. Dump height with the standard bucket is 9 feet 6 inches and dump reach is 3 feet 10 inches. Height at the bucket pivot point is 13 feet 1 inch.

To reduce fuel consumption and lower noise levels, the DL300 features a hydraulically driven, variable speed cooling fan with an electronic thermostat that constantly monitors engine coolant and transmission oil temperatures. The fan direction can be reversed from the operator’s cabin to quickly clean out the radiator in dusty environments, and the fan itself swings out to easily clean the entire cooler group, according to the company.

All routine maintenance on the DL300 can be performed from ground level. Centralized hydraulic check ports and easily accessible drain valves for engine oil and coolant simplify routine maintenance. Remote greasing lubrication points allow the lift arm pins to be lubed from the outside of the machine. The transmission oil filler pipe is located near the articulation joint for easy access and sight gauges for hydraulic oil and coolant levels allow easy daily checks while reducing the risk of contaminants entering the systems.

More information is available at www.doosanequipment.com.