RS 150 Four-Shaft Shredder

RS 150 Four-Shaft Shredder

June 27, 2012

UNTHA Shredding Technology Inc

UNTHA Shredding Technology America Inc., based in Hampton, N.H., has introduced the RS 150 four-shaft shredder to the U.S. market. The 500-horsepower RS 150, part of the established RS Series, stands 20 feet tall.

Austria-based UNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH already has installed nine RS 150 shredders worldwide, including two in the United States, with another three installations planned.

The four-shaft shredding system first coarsely shreds material and then finely shreds it, all in a single operation.

“More than 30 years of expertise is built into the RS Series,” says Bernhard Mueggler, president and CEO of UNTHA America. “We have a few thousand of these shredders in daily operation around the globe.”

“Scrap yards love it because it increases the volume of material they can process, allowing them to boost sales,” says Charles Hildebrand, regional sales manager for UNTHA. “Circuit board-refining companies use it to shred circuit boards then refine the precious metals they contain, such as gold, silver and copper. Refrigerator recyclers are also getting on board because once the compressors are removed and the Freon is drained out, this machine can gobble up entire refrigerators. It’s an amazing multi-purpose product.”

According to UNTHA, the RS 150 shredders are designed to handle products as diverse as sheet metal casings, aluminum rims and tubes; electronic scrap, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics and tools; hazardous waste; tires; copper and aluminum cables, spring mattresses, pulper ropes, carpets and Gore-Tex rolls.

“The flanged cutter reduces the load on the shaft and makes it more difficult for debris to get between the cutters,” says Hildebrand. “The ventilated shaft also keeps debris out from under the cutter so it doesn’t build up or get caught. Both of these features reduce downtime.”

The cutters are held in place by heavy-duty springs designed to disperse the load evenly and reduce the stress on the machine and extend the driveshaft’s life. The RS 150 also has UNTHA’s patented Torque Drive System, designed to combine the flexibility of a hydraulic drive with the reliability of an electric drive. “You get full torque from zero speed and infinite reversing options,” Hildebrand says. “There is no risk of blowing an oil line, and the need for maintenance is greatly reduced.”

One of the first companies in the United States to acquire the RS 150 is ARCA Advanced Processing in Philadelphia. “The RS 150 has exceeded our expectations in many ways,” says Brian Connors, president of ARCA. “The quality of construction, throughput, durability and design for maintenance are all outstanding. We expect the total cost of ownership to be exceptional. The RS 150 has features and attention to detail we have not seen in any other manufacturer’s products.”

“The RS 150 is the most reliable, lowest-cost-to-operate shredder of its size you can buy,” says Hildebrand. “It can be customized to a wide range of industries, and we feel it will be the last shredder your company will ever need. It’s powerful, high-performance and made to last.”