AFM60 Cable Hoist

AFM60 Cable Hoist

June 27, 2012

Stellar Industries Inc.
Truck Body Systems

Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa,  has introduced the Stellar AFM60 Cable Hoist. The 60,000-pound-capacity cable hoist features above-frame mounting to allow for a clean frame installation, the company says, making it compatible with alternative fuel tanks (CNG, LNG), auxiliary axle installation, battery boxes, air dryers, larger traditional fuel tanks or other components occupying the space between the chassis cab and a rear tandem axles.

Two models in two configurations are available. The AFM60-174 and the AFM60-194 come in both Outside Rail (OR) and Inside Rail (IR) configurations. The AFM60-174 can accommodate containers with 18- to 22-foot lengths, and the AFM60-194 can accommodate containers from 18 to 24 feet in length.

Other features include a 47-degree dump angle using outboard cylinders to improve dumping stability and 10-inch main dump frame tubes. The AFM60 also features a 13-inch front sheave and all clockwise cable routing for improved cable life, according to the manufacturer. It has a shipping weight of 6,400 pounds making it one of the lightest cable hoists in this capacity available on the market, Stellar says. The AFM60 also allows for frame-mounted or gantry-mounted oil reservoir to accommodate a Stellar AutoTarper.