ciePhoto app

ciePhoto app

July 27, 2012

cieTrade Systems, Inc.

cieTrade’s ciePhoto app for the iPod, iPhone and iPad is designed to help recyclers save time and money by expediting the capture and documentation of photos for export shipments and the handling of quality issues.

According to cieTrade, ciePhoto replaces the use of a digital camera to take photos by automatically uploading images directly into the users' cieTrade recycling software and matching them to their corresponding export container or received load.

"The app eliminates hours of work that is normally spent manually downloading, organizing and matching photos to loads," explains David Haber, managing partner at cieTrade. Haber says ciePhoto also helps reduce the number of lost photos since images are uploaded from the device immediately after they are taken, and unmatched photos can also be tracked.

The app works by  allowing one or more photos to be taken for each inbound trailer or outbound shipping container which are then saved to the "cloud" with an identifying load or container number. All photos are automatically date-stamped and resized for export customs or CCIC compliance, the company says. ciePhoto then attaches the images to their corresponding loads in the cieTrade Recycling Software system where booking documentation can be submitted to customers or claims notices sent to suppliers.

The ciePhoto app will work with either a wifi or cellular network connection. It can also operate without an internet connection, allowing loads to be submitted at a later time.

Although ciePhoto is currently exclusively for use by cieTrade clients, Haber says the company plans to introduce a version of ciePhoto that can be used by any recycling companies that need to submit booking documents and photos.

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