L110G and L120G

L110G and L120G

August 8, 2011

Volvo Construction Equipment

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Designed for high production applications in heavy infrastructure, quarrying and recycling, the L110G and L120G are the latest additions to the Volvo flagship G-Series wheel loader range. At 19.8 – 22.0 tons, these machines fulfill the requirements of the latest U.S. emissions legislation.

The L110G and L120G feature a 25 percent increase in lifting force, a 15 percent increase in breakout force and lower fuel consumption than older versions. The L110G and L120G are fitted with a Tier 4i certified engine that is married to drive train, hydraulics and lifting systems. The engine is a Volvo six cylinder turbocharged V-ACT (Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology) off-highway diesel unit, which features cooled gas recirculation and a particulate filter with active regeneration. The active-type diesel particulate filter (DPF) temporarily holds the particulate matter and then incinerates it, further reducing emissions. This process is conducted without any loss of performance or operation.

Producing between 256 – 268 horsepower, these machines feature improved engine response at low engine speeds. A waste gate on the turbocharger allows some of the exhaust to bypass the turbine when the set intake pressure is achieved. This contributes to good engine response across the entire engine speed range, according to Volvo. A hydraulically driven, electronically controlled cooling fan works only when needed, increasing engine power, while lowering noise and fuel consumption.

The L110G and L120G are fitted with heavy duty axles whose housings absorb the weight of the machine and load. This means that the axle shafts transmit torque to the hub reductions, thereby reducing stresses on the propeller and shafts. The rear axle cradles are maintenance free and the front axle is fitted with a hydraulically operated differential lock. This transfers 100 percent power to the wheels and reduces wheel spin, giving good traction in soft or slippery conditions.

Two stronger, variable displacement load-bearing axial piston pumps are fitted, allowing higher working hydraulic pressure and providing superior control of the load and attachments — as well as higher breakout force, faster lifting and tilt functions. Load sensing hydraulics match power when it is needed for lower fuel consumption and high performance. Transmissions feature a stiff torque converter and the Automatic Power Shift (APS) concept ensures the loader always operates in the ideal gear by sensing engine and travel speed, kick-down, engine braking and other factors. Offering operators a choice of four gear shifting programs, APS results in more efficient work cycles with lower fuel consumption and wear.

The L110G and L120G come with advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics that are designed to prolong machine life, enhance uptime and maximize productivity. Contronics monitors functions in real time and alerts the operator if problems occur. MATRIS, meanwhile, charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. Finally, CareTrack, the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system, allows machine location and operating data to be securely viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world, aiding fast decisions on maintenance and repairs. More information is available at www.volvoce.com.