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Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC October 8, 2012

Atlas Copco, Commerce City, Colo., has introduced the Pit Viper 311 (PV) drill at the MINExpo 2012 show, held in Las Vegas Sept. 24-26. The company says the wide-range rotary blasthole PV-311drill has been designed to meet the demands of the mining market with the systems, components and technology of the Pit Viper series.

According to Atlas Copco, the Pit Viper 311 is similar to the Pit Viper 351 with its single-pass drilling. However, the PV-311 has the capacity to drill holes deeper to a maximum depth of 125 feet. Drilling up to 65-foot clean holes with a live tower can reduce non-drilling time and, combined with taller benches, can increase production capability.

The Pit Viper 311 is the first release of the new Pit Viper 310 series. Iain Peebles, Atlas Copco’s engineering project manager, says that the PV-311 offers a narrow range of hole sizes from 9 to 12.25 inches, which fills in the gap between the hole ranges of the Pit Viper 351 and the Pit Viper 270.

“We’ve incorporated a lot of existing technology that’s proven successful on our other Pit Viper models,” Peebles says. “One of the things we’re most excited about on the PV-310 series project is our new cab. Now you have a fully adjustable chair with joystick and cab controls. We’ve elevated the cab above the deck to give the operator a better view. We’ve tried to improve operator visibility around the machine, with larger windows and mirrors placed so the operator can see what’s going on at ground level and the front of the machine.”

The Pit Viper 311 offers drive train options with both Tier 4 and Tier 2 diesel engine alternatives. The tower has an interchangeable unit, structurally similar to the Pit Viper 351, but is deeper to accommodate larger sheaves for either single-pass or multi-pass applications. Weldments have also been improved, including a ladder that provides access to decking in the tower above the rod changer when the tower is horizontal.

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