High-Volume Mixed C&D Recycling Facilities 2014

Construction & Demolition Recycling will be presenting a list of the largest mixed C&D recycling facilities in the United States in an upcoming issue. We believe this list will be of great interest to our readers, many of whom may be your current or potential customers.

Because your company may belong on this list, we are asking for your help and a few minutes of your time. By filling out the form below by Wednesday, April 9, we will have the information we would need to include the most accurate information for your company. We thank you in advance for responding.

The key figure we are asking for is the annual amount of material sorted at the facility.  A conclusive, estimated or calculated figure for 2013 is preferred. If a 2014 estimate is sent, it will be noted as such.

Your help in completing this form will enable us to produce the most accurate list possible. Should you have any questions about our list and what we hope to accomplish, please do not hesitate to call me at 330-523-5324330-523-5361

Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation.

Respectfully Yours,
Kristin Smith, Managing Editor            
Construction & Demolition Recycling magazine 


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**Facility Name and Address:  
**Company President or CEO:  
**2013 Amount of Material Sorted (tons) (Or, for Newer Operations, a 2014 Estimate):  
**Percentage of Material Recycled:  
**Number of Plant Locations for Company Overall:  
**End Products Produced (Please List Three):  


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