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Dual-Shear™ - Two Shaft Shredders


SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. May 30, 2012

Dual-Shear™ two shaft shredders from SSI Shredding Systems efficiently deliver multipurpose industrial shredding for nearly all applications. If you need a severe duty shredder able to process a wide range of materials including mixed materials with metal contamination, SSI’s Dual-Shear™ shredder is what you’ve been looking for. The two shaft shredders utilize high-torque, low-speed design technology to output “strips” that are the width of the cutters, usually 1” to 3” wide. SSI’s robust design includes direct drive, “floating” cleaning fingers, patented ACLS™, and auto-reversing on material overload that enables processing of the most difficult materials without damage to the shredding unit.


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