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CDR Staff March 19, 2013

1. Brokk 260 Demolition Machine. Brokk AB, Monroe, Wash., has introduced the Brokk 260 demolition machine to the North American market. The 3-ton Brokk 260 was developed to fill what the company says is a much-needed gap between the 1.9-ton Brokk 180 and the 4.8-ton Brokk 400. Features include:

  • Designed for cement and metal processing, construction and demolition, mining and tunneling and other specialty applications
  • Maximum reach of 19 feet when combined with the recommended SB302 hydraulic breaker
  • Cutting force of 48 tons when equipped with CC520 concrete cutter
  • Height of 5 feet and width of 3.9 feet
  • Portable, lightweight remote-control box permits operation from a distance
  • Can be equipped with a variety of attachments

Visit www.brokk.com for more information.

2. Rotobec Horizon Loader.
The Horizon loader from St-Justine, Quebec-based Rotobec is a 100-size loader that combines smoothness and precision with high lift capacity, according to the company. Features include:

  • Mounts easily to trucks or railroad flatbeds
  • Used in forestry, rail, scrap and aggregate handling and for loading and unloading loose ties/rail segments
  • Available in both truck- and stationary-mount configurations
  • Available with various Rotobec grapples, suited to fit the application

Visit www.rotobec.com for more information.

3. Metso HP3 Cone Crusher. Finland-based Metso has introduced its HP3 cone crusher to the North American market. The HP3 follows the successful HP4 and HP5 as the third model in an all-new range of high-performance cone crushers. Features include:

  • Dual-acting hydraulic tramp release cylinders
  • An advanced fastening system for the mantle and bowl liner designed to eliminate the need for backing material
  • Equipped with IC700 system to monitor oil flow and temperature
  • Stroke designed to provide high capacity, shape and reduction ratio
  • Liner profiles and head to optimize interparticle crushing action and increase density in the crushing chamber
  • Can be run at up to 1,100 rpm, with no mechanical constraint

Visit www.metso.com/miningandconstruction to learn more.

4. Terex Fuchs MHL360 E Material Handler.
The MHL360 E material handler from Terex Fuchs, Southaven, Miss., equipped with the company’s Blue Evolution technology, has been updated with a number of enhancements. Features include:

  • Six-cylinder, 254-horsepower turbo-charged engine that meets Tier 4i emissions standards
  • Hydraulic system with a separate slewing circuit allows machine swiveling to start and stop quickly
  • Energy recovery feature feeds braking energy back into the main hydraulic pump
  • Maximum eye-level elevation of up to 20.1 feet above ground level and independent forward movement up to 7.2 feet

Visit www.terex.com for more information.


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