Zanker Road opens demolition debris recovery facility

Zanker Road opens demolition debris recovery facility

Company expects to double C&D processing capacity at its California plant.

February 27, 2015
CDR Staff
Commodities Concrete and Aggregates Equipment & Products

Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. has opened a 75-tons-per-hour (tph) demolition debris materials recovery facility (MRF) at its San Jose, California, operation. With the addition, Zanker has more than doubled its capacity to process this type of material. The system was designed, manufactured and installed by Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS).

Zanker Road says it expects to recover up to 90 percent of the inbound materials. Sizing and density separation are fundamental to the system's success. After primary screening is undertaken to remove larger items, two BHS Debris Roll screens prepare two size fractions for air separation. After sizing, four Nihot single-drum separators (SDSs) separate by density. The first SDS units remove aggregate material such as rock and brick, while the second Nihot units extract wood from lighter material.
"This group is recycling a wide range of materials, from single stream to mixed-materials to organics and compost through anaerobic digestion, leading the way towards zero waste," says BHS CEO Steve Miller. "The new demolition debris system is the most advanced in the country and the latest example of Zanker's commitment to using best-in-class technology to reach its business goals while maximizing recovery."