Wildfire cleanup begins in Santa Rosa

Wildfire cleanup begins in Santa Rosa

Contractors are using excavators to separate material and break up concrete in Coffey Park.

November 7, 2017
CDR Staff
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Cleanup recently began in Santa Rosa, California’s Coffey Park after a series of wildfires destroyed homes throughout the neighborhood, a report by the Press Democrat says. The cleanup will be the largest effort in state history.

Contractors from the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers used excavators to dig through the remains of three properties Nov. 6, the report says. They separated the remains of water heaters, garage doors, washing machines and bed springs into piles of scrap metal, broke concrete driveways and sprayed water on everything to mitigate dust. 

The report says the number of people signed up for the government-run cleanup increased from 900 to more than 1,600 in a week. More than 900 applications have been approved by Sonoma County. Eric Lamaoureux, regional administrator for the California Office of Emergency Services, says in the report that residents have until Nov. 13 to enroll in the cleanup.

More than 1,300 properties burnt down in Coffey Park, the report says, and Army Corps spokesperson Rick Brown says in the report that the more residents who sign up for help, the more efficient operations will be.

On Nov. 3, Sonoma County released a list of local landfills that will take in ash and recycling centers for the other material. The report says the Sonoma County Central Landfill has been approved by the Water Quality Control Board to accept ash, as well as the Hay Road Landfill in Vacaville.

Watch a video of the efforts provided by the Press Democrat below: