WCA Waste chooses SCS Engineers to assist with Florida C&D landfill

Engineering firm will help build C&D disposal facility.

July 22, 2014
CDR Staff

The waste management firm WCA Waste Corp., headquartered in Houston, has named SCS Engineers as its engineer of record for the company’s DeSoto construction and demolition (C&D) debris disposal facility in Arcadia, Florida.

SCS Engineers will begin by providing engineering services to WCA Waste for construction of a landfill cell. The construction will provide additional airspace for disposal operations to the lined landfill.

SCS’s assistance will include providing construction quality assurance, design improvements, construction management assistance, groundwater monitoring of on-site wetlands and updating estimates of the facility’s closure and long-term care costs.

SCS says it will also modify the design of previously permitted cells in the remaining footprint of the landfill with the goals of reducing the structural fill needed to construct disposal cells and increasing the disposal capacity of the landfill, followed by permitting the proposed modifications and preparing construction drawings and bid documents for construction of the future cell.

“SCS’s engineering proficiency, innovation, and compliance expertise will be instrumental in completing the Cell 2A construction on time, and key to designing and permitting modifications to the remaining undeveloped area of the landfill and achieving future expansions to the landfill footprint,” says Derrick Standley, WCA’s vice president of landfill operations and engineering.