Vacant assisted living facility slated for demolition

Blaine County Manor’s property in Hailey, Idaho, holds more value than the building.

November 8, 2017
CDR Staff
A former assisted living facility in Blaine County, Idaho, is slated for demolition, a report by the Idaho Mountain Express says. The 37,000-square-foot Blaine Manor building in Hailey housed residents until 2015.

The residents moved to a newer facility in Bellevue in March 2015 and Blaine Manor has been vacant since. County Commissioner Larry Schoen says in the report that the real value of the property is the land.

Blaine Manor was sold to the county for $1 as part of an effort to bring a hospital to the area in 1958. The report says the property was donated as a matching contribution to a federal grant to build the hospital. 

Hazardous materials have been found on-site, including asbestos and diesel fuel in an underground tank, the report says, that caused Blaine County Appraisal to call the building a “liability to the land” in 2015. Blaine County Appraisal also said demolition costs could rise to $190,000 due to abatement costs.

Blaine County Commission planned a site visit for Nov. 13 and set a final bidding deadline of Nov. 27 for the demolition work, the report says. The county has not decided whether to list the property with a real estate auction, sell it at auction or sell it through other means.

The 2.75-acre property was put on auction with an assessed value of $3 million in 2016, but there were no bids above $500,000, the report says.

Hailey Fire Chief Craig Aberbach, Mayor Fritz Haemmerle and other city officials made a request in 2016 to construct a combined Hailey Fire Department and Wood River Fire and Rescue station on the site. The report says the county turned down the plan in favor of a sale.

In early summer 2016, a local development group approached the county to buy the property for $1.75 million to build a family entertainment center and bowling alley, but the plans fell through because of construction costs.

A commercial development group from Salt Lake City wanted to build a Jiffy Lube and Wendy’s on the site but the county did not accept the offer for the land because it was less than the assessed value.
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