Used shipping containers used in new Massachusetts retail development

Used shipping containers used in new Massachusetts retail development

Boxman Studios builds container beer garden and retail space to anchor Somerville’s newest mixed-use neighborhood.

August 20, 2014
CDR Staff
Green Building

Boxman Studios, a Charlotte, North Carolina, shipping container modification specialist, has created what it describes as a one-of-a-kind dining and retail venue from shipping containers to anchor the Assembly Row neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Assembly Row is the area’s newest shopping, dining, live/work and entertainment destination. At the corner of Canal Street and Grand Union Boulevard, will be four modified 20-foot shipping containers that make up SOMBLOX, an homage to Somerville’s historically industrial past. The container courtyard is scheduled to open in August 2014 and is outfitted for three local businesses, including Somerville Brewing Co.’s American Fresh Taproom.

“We love to work with companies like Federal Realty that really embrace the potential of shipping container architecture,” says Boxman Studios Architectural Designer, Taylor Bishal. “Using modern design elements like large hinged storefront windows, along with things like accent rope lighting, we’re able to merge the trendy beer garden environment with a backyard feel.”

The four containers create three distinct spaces that are all ADA accessible and include electrical and lighting. Two containers are designed for retail spaces with easy-to-open 8-foot hinged storefront windows and steel doors to quickly adapt to weather conditions. A larger space for the Taproom is comprised of two containers that include kitchen equipment and plumbing.

“The Row is the first neighborhood of its kind in the country, offering outlet retail alongside restaurants, apartments and office space and SOMBLOX will add a unique twist to the overall experience,” says Russ Joyner, vice president and general manager, Federal Realty at Assembly Row. “We wanted to highlight Somerville’s artistic community and its heritage, and SOMBLOX will be the perfect blend of the two. Locals will feel right at home, entrepreneurs and growing businesses can test drive their concepts, and visitors will be introduced to a slice of local flavor.”