UK Firm Chooses TITECH Equipment for MRF

Company will provide three autosort optical sorting systems at Devon Contract Waste’s MRF.

January 26, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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The equipment company TITECH has been chosen as the technology provider for Devon Contract Waste’s commercial and industrial material recovery faciltiy (C&I MRF), which will be built in Exeter, U.K. According to                          Diagram of TITECH's autosort optical sorting system.TITECH, the MRF will be one of the first C&I MRFs in the country. The MRF is expected to cost $6.55 million (£4.2 million).

McDonald International, the company building the facility, will install three TITECH autosort optical sorting systems at the plant, which is expected to become operational in April 2012. When fully operational, the MRF will process 75,000 metric tons per year of material, including metals, rigid plastics, wood, plastic film, paper and card.

According to a TITECH news release, the equipment company’s near infrared (NIR) dual-sensor autosort system allows maximum value to be extracted from the C&I waste stream. The company notes that similar solutions are already being used at locations in Northern Ireland and Europe and that it expects the success of these MRFs will be repeated at the Exeter plant.

Simon Almond, managing director at Devon Contract Waste, says, “TITECH’s involvement from an early stage in this project meant that we were able to tap into the team’s expertise in C&I sorting, ensuring that the MRF consistently delivers an excellent quality output. The technology will enable us to maximize the recovery of materials for re-sale, ultimately contributing to company growth. TITECH’s attention to detail and ongoing support is second-to-none, and we look forward to working together further as the MRF moves towards construction.”

Luke Coyle, sales and marketing manager at McDonald International Ltd., says, “We are very pleased to be involved with both TITECH and Devon Contract Waste on this project as it allows us to share the knowledge we have gained from previous installations and working alongside TITECH. The processing of commercial type waste is a massive growth area within the U.K., and this project will serve as a great reference site for several other plants being considered.”

Stephen Almond, TITECH sales engineer, says, “This project is an excellent example of the rewards that can be reaped when all parties involved in the development of a MRF work together from the outset. We are very excited to be providing the technology for one of the U.K. mainland’s first true C&I MRFs. This facility demonstrates once again the versatility of our sorting solutions.”

TITECH is a part of Tomra Sorting Solutions. The company, with multiple offices throughout the world, says it has installed more than 3,000 sensor-based sorting machines in recycling applications throughout the world.