Torching Solutions Improves SPARCS Smoke Filtration System

System helps torch cutters avoid EPA violations and reduce opacity emissions.

May 10, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Torching Solutions LLC,  based in Flint, Mich., has updated its patent-pending SPARCS Smoke Particulate Air Reduction Cyclone System. The updated system was showcased at the 2013 Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries (ISRI) Convention & Expo in Orlando, Fla., in April.

The smoke filtration system was first introduced to the market in the spring of 2012. Since then, Torching Solutions has updated the system’s filter materials and rack designs, replaced the hood wheels with skids for easier portability and improved wind break and added a cyclone inlet vent designed to improve air circulation and allow for smoke particulate “cake” recovery.  

Other improvements include increased SPARCS sizing and the launch of optional items including a heat-resistant canopy, which further focuses airflow. Torching Solutions also offers demonstrations and provides rent, lease and purchase financing options.

Torching Solutions developed SPARCS to address smoke opacity issues involving the torch cutting of certain metals. The company says SPARCS helps metal recycling yards with torch-cutting operations avoid U.S. Environmental Protection Agency VE-9 violations and reduce opacity emissions. The company also says SPARCS is a less costly alternative to adding a bag house for indoor torching.

The modular industrial vacuum, which filters torch smoke particulates from the air, reduces smoke opacity. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, SPARCS is self-contained, runs on electric power and is easily maintained with low operating costs, the company adds. Other features include a buffered cutting area, a cyclone vacuum area and a filter/fan assembly, all of which fold in for easy portability.

The company says SPARCS is easy to install and maintain and allows operators to torch a variety of sizes, shapes and metals. Torching Solutions offers custom sizing for the SPARCS system to meet a variety of demands and give metal recycling yard owners and operators flexibility.