Tennessee facility operator proposes two C&D landfills in Memphis

The two landfills would be compacted in a way that would allow new development to be built on them once they are closed.

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An operator of a construction and demolition (C&D) debris landfill and recycling center in Collierville, Tennessee, is proposing to build two small landfills in Memphis, Tennessee, a report by Commercial Appeal says. The two landfills would be located near the Memphis International Airport and in northeast Memphis.

Blaylock & Brown Construction, Germantown, Tennessee, submitted the permit. According to the report, the permit says the landfills would be compacted in a way that allows new development to be built on top of them once they are full and closed. The landfills will also house recycling plazas where the public can bring recycled materials for free.

The proposed 41-acres site would accept and compact wood, concrete, brick, dirt and other materials. The report says the compacted debris would level the topography south of the airport and the city’s McKellar Golf Course. The report says intense landscaping to screen a cemetery would be placed on the eastern border. Once the landfill is closed, the ground would be raised 34 feet higher than the existing highest point on the site, the report says. Most of the surface will be leveled for future development.

The nine-acre site in northeast Memphis will be raised six feet above the 100-year Wolf River floodplain, the report says. A screen of trees would be planted on the north and east sides to buffer the landfill and development would be restricted on the west boundary because of power lines.

Blaylock & Brown used a similar method in the 1980s when it used the acreage of a former borrow pit to construct a C&D landfill. Currently, the acreage house a Holiday Inn Express, medical offices, shopping centers with a bank and other development.

The application for the special use permits will be heard by the Shelby County Land Use Control Board, Memphis, April 12.