TAM Waste Management looks to build C&D recycling facility in Vermont

Waste management company passes first hurdle to build facility.

February 18, 2014
CDR Staff

TAM Waste Management, based in Shaftsbury, Vt., is seeking approval to build and operate a construction and demolition recycling facility in Pownal, located in the southwestern part of Vermont. The company presently hauls solid waste and operates a transfer station for various types of material.

The company has been in business for 17 years and services customers throughout Vermont as well as parts of New York and Massachusetts. In addition to the transfer station, the company opened a composting site late last year.

Trevor Mance, founder and owner of TAM, says that opening a C&D facility is the “last frontier” for the company. Along with C&D, any new facility also would look to be able to run municipal solid waste over a potential dual stream facility. The facility would sit on nine acres and would be able to handle around 60,000 tons per year of material. All of the processing would take place indoors. The building itself would be around 12,000 square feet.
Mance notes that there is a growing need for a facility to handle C&D, especially with a recently enacted law that bans construction and demolition from landfills in the state.

To receive approval for the new facility the company needs approval from local, regional and state agencies. Mance says the company recently received local approval for the facility. The company does not to apply for and receive an Act 250 permit and solid waste permit from the state.