Sunshine Recycling providing roll-off containers for dock demolition

Southbank RiverWalk project in Jacksonville, Fla., is recycling concrete into asphalt and gravel.

April 28, 2014
CDR Staff

Sunshine Recycling Inc., a Jacksonville, Fla.-based dumpster rental company, is working with Orion Marine Group on the demolition of docks along the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville. The docks and boardwalk are being demolished and renovated to repair decaying infrastructure and update the Southbank RiverWalk. Sunshine Recycling is providing 20-yard roll-off dumpsters and hundreds of hauls over the course of the project to collect and transport broken concrete from the docks to be recycled.

The Southbank RiverWalk renovation will replace the decaying and uneven wooden walkway with pavers and steel guardrails along the water’s edge. Benches, pet stations and LED light posts will also be installed. The project began in late 2013 with the demolition of the former Jacksonville History Center and Jacksonville Maritime Museum. During this phase of the construction, Orion Marine Group is working to rebuild the concrete docks and Sunshine Recycling is hauling the broken concrete to a processing facility nearby that crushes and recycles the concrete into asphalt, gravel or for use in landscaping.

“This is a huge undertaking for the city of Jacksonville and also for Sunshine Recycling,” says Chuck Herb, owner of Sunshine Recycling Inc. “20-yard dumpsters are the recommended size to collect and transport heavy materials like concrete because they’re easy and safer to fill and empty. There is a lot of broken concrete being generated and removed from this construction site, so we’re providing hundreds of regular hauls to keep the project running smoothly.”

Sunshine Recycling Inc. of Jacksonville is a dumpster rental company servicing north Florida. Offering various sizes of dumpsters including front-load, roll off and full-size construction dumpsters, Sunshine Recycling also collects recyclables, waste and construction debris, and provides hauling services and trash compactors.