Stanley LaBounty unveils two new mobile shears

Newest additions to the company’s MSD line are designed to address specific carrier size and power needs.

April 15, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Mobile shear manufacturer Stanley LaBounty, based in Two Harbors, Minn., has unveiled two new products at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) 2014 Convention and Exposition, held April 6-10 in Las Vegas.

The company introduced the MSD800 mobile shear, which has been designed to fill a size need the company says is not specifically addressed by other mobile shears on the market. According to Stanley LaBounty, the shear targets an untapped market of small and mini excavators and backhoes in the 6- to 10-ton weight range. The company also points out that the mobile shear incorporates a number of design features that are representative of the MSD line. Two cylinder types are available—7-inch and 8-inch—allowing the shear to be compatible with carriers operating at several different hydraulic pressures.

According to Stanley LaBounty, the MSD800, for use in scrap processing and interior demolition applications, completes the company’s full span of products in its MSD line, as a powerful dedicated shear that is compatible with small mini-excavators and backhoes.

The company pointed out the shear’s 15-inch opening will fit and process most lighter ferrous and nonferrous materials, including pipe, cable, concrete pillars and I-beams. The shear features a heavy duty, 360-degree rotation group (optional) that allows for placement of the shear on a heavier duty carrier. And the shear’s heavy duty fabricated tubes are designed to reduce stick deflection and buckling of the shear stick. Additional features include heavy duty pivot components, patented wraparound blades and a weld-in tip.

The company also introduced the MSD2250 mobile shear, designed for smaller excavators and carriers in the 55,000- to 100,000-pound weight range. According to Stanley LaBounty, the 2250R is designed to fit smaller, lighter excavators and save fuel and operating costs.

Nate Buckert, product line manager for Stanley LaBounty, says the shear is ideal when transport weight is critical, as it may allow the entire carrier to be readily transported without having to remove the shear. The shear features a 30-inch jaw opening as well as the design benefits of other MSD models such as the reversed cylinder technology, a heavy duty rotation group and patented wraparound blades. The shear also features the patented reversible saber tip and heavy duty pivot components and wraps.

Both shears are available with or without rotation, the company noted.