Smokestack implodes at former Michigan papermill

Smokestack implodes at former Michigan papermill

Onlookers were protected from asbestos dust by police.

July 18, 2017
CDR Staff
The smokestack at a former papermill site in Muskegon, Michigan, was imploded July 18, a report by WZZM13 says. The 70-year-old stack, known as Power House Stack No. 1, was demolished after officials raised concerns that it may collapse.

The report says police surrounded the area to keep viewers safe from asbestos dust. Previously, officials determined it was too dangerous to abate the asbestos before demolishing it.

Crews will remove asbestos paint prior to the demolition of the second stack on site, known as the recovery boiler chimney. Once demolition and cleanup is complete on the site, it will be made into the Windward Pointe mixed-used development.

Watch a video of the implosion, courtesy of MLive, below: