Sinkhole causes demolition delay

Sinkhole causes demolition delay

The Mirro building in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, will be completely demolished by the end of August.

July 25, 2017
CDR Staff
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A small sinkhole temporarily halted the demolition of a building in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a report by the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter says. The sinkhole caused a nearby street to shut down for a short period of time before being repaired.

Officials speculate the cause of the sinkhole could be attributed to the nearby demolition or the large amounts of the rain in the area, but are still not sure of the real cause.

The Mirro building, which housed the Mirror Aluminum Co. until it closed in 2003, was acquired in 2016 by the city and is undergoing demolition. Environmental remediation to remove asbestos, lead and mercury from the sight began at the end of 2016 and demolition began mid-June 2017.

The report says the city budgeted $3.3 million for the project, with $2.4 million coming from loans, $389,000 coming from the Brownfield Advisory Committee and $500,000 coming from a grant through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

Brandenburg, the company demolishing the building, has been sorting materials on-site and salvaging steel for recycling. Contaminated and uncontaminated materials are also sorted on-site for proper disposal.

After demolition, the site will undergo additional tests for soil and groundwater contaminates. Once the results are back and any remediation is completed, redevelopment plans for the 5-acre site will begin.

The report says the demolition is on schedule to be completed by the end of August.

A live feed of the demolition process can be viewed here.