Shaw Industries Investing in GeoHay

Shaw Industries Investing in GeoHay

GeoHay manufactures products made from 100 percent recycled carpet.

January 28, 2011
CDR Staff
Carpet Commodities

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has announced its support for Shaw Industries' investment in GeoHay, a company that produces high performance erosion control and stormwater management products made of 100 percent recycled carpet.

In a release, CARE’s Executive Director Georgina Sikorski applauded the carpet manufacturer's investment, calling it "an important step in ensuring continued diversion of postconsumer carpet from the nation's landfills."

According to Sikorski, GeoHay recycles old carpet into useful, economically viable products. As a triple bonus, she adds, GeoHay products

Last Fall, the U.S. National Park service used GeoHay to prevent erosion along a six-mile section of the Foothills Parkway in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that was undergoing resurfacing.

benefit the environments wherever they are installed.

"Further growth and usage of GeoHay will help CARE achieve its mission of reducing post-consumer carpet going into the landfill, increasing recycling and finding market-based solutions for the use of post-consumer carpet," Sikorski adds. "Shaw's financial investment will help make that happen."

The partnership between GeoHay and Shaw was announced in early 2011. Through the partnership, GeoHay offers a new market for the postconsumer carpet that Shaw collects nationally.

“This is new territory for Shaw,” says Vance Bell, CEO of Shaw. “But with more than 3.5 billion pounds of post-consumer carpet ending up in landfills every year, we know we must look beyond the traditional flooring industry for additional solutions.”

“GeoHay products are created with 100 percent reclaimed carpet fiber - and they play an important role in controlling erosion and stormwater runoff” says Dan Hargett, GeoHay’s CEO. “Shaw’s post-consumer carpet reclamation program and its commitment to sustainability through innovation, make them an ideal investment partner as we look to the future and our need to support a continued rapid growth rate.”

Shaw gathers more than 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet per year from its national collection network.