Sennebogen Updates Ergonomics for the maXcab Industrial Model

Industrial cab replaces the maXcab comfort cab in the special equipment category.

September 27, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Straubing, Germany-based Sennebogen’s  maXcab industrial model is designed for use in challenging material handling applications, the company says.

The company offers this industrial cab model in the special equipment range to replace the maXcab comfort cab, to make the working environment more ergonomic and safe for drivers.

According to Sennebogen, the industrial cab is roomy and its tilted vertical front windscreen with armored glass offers a bigger field of vision.

Straight and continuous glass panes on the front and the roof give the driver an optimal overview as well as extra room, the company says. A further window in the base offers an unrestricted view of the work areas underneath from an elevated position. Constructed of 30-millimeter thick armored glass, the front windscreen also provides optimal protection for the driver, Sennebogen says. Armored glass is also used in the roof.

As an elevating maXcab, the industrial model also offers other Sennebogen safety features such as a sliding door included as standard and a robust step grid with rails to provide additional protection. The company also says the cab sets new standards with regard to background noise.

Other maXcab benefits include:

  • Unrestricted view in adverse weather conditions and heavy soiling; 
  • Tilted windscreen allows rain and dust to flow off quickly and features two windscreen wipers; and
  • Includes other features of the maXcab comfort cab: automatic heating and climate control and an individually adjustable, air-sprung driver's seat.