New Trading Site Set to Launch

The Scrap Post looks to bring together buyers and sellers of scrap metal.

September 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

A group of long-time scrap metal executives have banded together to introduce a new website called The Scrap Post. The site, slated to go active on Sept. 14, has been designed to expedite the buying and selling of a range of scrap metal via an Internet trading platform. The site will provide opportunities for scrap metal recyclers, consumers, generators and manufactures to access a subscription-based site to purchase various grades of ferrous and nonferrous scrap. Additionally, the site will offer trading possibilities for obsolete electronics.

The site has been built for buyers, sellers, manufacturers and consumers with a service that will allow users of the site to take advantage of the site’s functionality to boost their supply network.

Mike Bassirpour, one of the backers of ScrapPost, says that the service has been built for both domestic and overseas companies. There also is no minimum order that will be accepted by the site. The site also will allow users to upload photos of the material that is being marketed, Bassirpour adds.

The site has financial supprt from a number of large scrap metal companies. Additionally, the site and concept has been designed by traders, brokers and owners in the individual metals recycling industry.

While a number of other sites have offered trading services in the past, the backers of say that a key advantage of the site is that it is a legitimate content-driven site that has been built with companies already involved in the scrap metal business, which lends greater credence to the nuances hopes to convey to its users.

What the company has been able to do is demonstrate that its system has been designed to ensure all posts are immediately viewable by legitimate buyers and sellers in the network, even when markets are closed. The site also promises to provide real-time trading and live updates on market trends and prices related to a specific scrap metal grade or location.

The backers of the site say that the aim of their project is to connect buyers and sellers of scrap metal from around the world. Site managers report that upon joining the Scrap Post, users will instantly have access to an extensive network of interested buyers, sellers, brokers and consumers of recyclable metal material. The group says the system was designed to ensure all posts are immediately viewable by hundreds of legitimate buyers and sellers in its network.