Oregon DEQ seeks comments on proposed C&D MRF

S&H Recycling seeks permission to recycle C&D scrap.

December 18, 2013
CDR Staff
Legislation & Regulations

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking comments from the public on a request by S&H Recycling, Tualatin, Ore., to operate a material recovery facility (MRF) in nearby Hillsboro to sort construction and demolition materials collected in its roll-off containers.

The facility, if approved by the Oregon DEQ, would take in material from S&H’s own drop box company as well as materials brought by the public and other commercial haulers.

The facility currently operates primarily as a supplier of landscaping products and services. S&H has applied for authorization to operate a sorting plant at the site. Among the landscape products currently offered by S&H are bark dust; rock/gravel, soil amendments; wood byproducts; fill dirt; fertilizer and amendments; decorative rock. The company’s drop boxes bring in clean wood, yard debris, asphalt, concrete and metal.

Metro Portland’s government has required that S&H Recycling conduct its proposed recovery operation within a three-sided, roofed building, designed and operated in accordance with Metro’s standards for MRF facilities.

S&H proposes to receive and recycle mixed dry solid waste, primarily from construction sites, and consisting mainly of wood, cardboard, sheetrock, paper, plastic, metal, carpet and pad, glass and concrete. The permit specifies materials the facility may accept and the conditions for disposal of nonrecoverable materials.

People wishing to make comments can send them by mail, fax or e-mail to Holly Pence, Permit Coordinator DEQ Northwest Region Solid Waste Program, 2020 SW 4th Ave., Suite 400 Portland OR 97201; fax: 503 -229-6957; e-mail: pence.holly@deq.state.or.us. Written comments are due by 5 p.m., Jan. 17, 2014.