Rotochopper holds annual training event

Rotochopper holds annual training event

Rotochopper University is a training event for companies that have purchased Rotochopper grinders in the past year.

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Rotochopper, St. Martin, Minnesota, recently held its Rotochopper University training. Owners and operators gathered at Rotochopper’s manufacturing facility in St. Martin for the training the last two weeks of February. The customer service department hosts Rotochopper University annually for companies that have purchased Rotochopper grinders the past year.

The two-day class includes a manufacturing facility tour, equipment operation best practice training, a hands-on demonstration and plenty of networking opportunities allowing machine owners to learn from each other. This year the education focused on how to properly feed a grinder, how to perform preventative maintenance and how to troubleshoot. The hands-on demonstration showed attendees how to install B-Loc keyless bushings on a Rotochopper grinder.

Rotochopper offered two class options with nearly 70 students from 38 companies across the U.S. and Canada attending.

“The training as a whole was excellent. The real-life examples used are easy to relate to and provide valuable insight in our own operation. Spike and the customer service team did a great job of making the class fun and enjoyable yet very informational,” Andy Kosek, an attendee representing Creekside Soils, Hutchinson, Minnesota, says.

Rotochopper manufactures industrial wood waste grinding equipment including horizontal grinders and mobile baggers.

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