Rotobec Offers Truck-Mount Loaders in Customizable Sizes

Rotobec Offers Truck-Mount Loaders in Customizable Sizes

The 60, Elite and Horizon loaders can be used for a variety of applications.

November 27, 2012
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Rotobec, Ste-Justine, Quebec, Canada, manufactures a versatile line of high-quality, truck-mount loaders and stationary mount loaders. All loaders have rotations with continuous rotation or limited rotation as required by the application and are fully customizable with options such as cabs, heaters and AC and telescopic booms. The company says its loaders are tough but without unnecessary weight.

The Rotobec 60 Loader is the company’s lightest truck-mount loader. It is commonly used for municipal waste collection, clean-up after storms and natural disasters and handling recyclables. The side-to-side moveable controls and operator platform make it easy to use regardless of truck position, according to the company.

The Rotobec Elite loader combines smoothness and precision with high lift capacity. The company says the loader weighs almost 20 percent less than its competitors, mounts easily on truck and railroad flatbeds for easy transportation and has a continuous rotation along with other options. The loader is available with a grapple saw to assist in storm clean up duties.

The Rotobec Horizon loader has a larger lift capacity than the Rotobec Elite loader. It is used in forestry, rail, scrap, aggregate handling and loading and unloading loose ties and rail segments.

The Elite and Horizon loaders are available in stationary mount configuration. Rotobec loaders are available with various Rotobec grapples.

Applications include:

  • rail tie handling;
  • log handling;
  • rail segment handling;
  • waste applications;
  • hurricane clean up;
  • municipal uses;
  • scrap material handling applications;
  • forestry mill yard applications; and
  • mining applications.

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