Rayco expands stump cutter options

Ohio company’s RG35 Super Jr. model now equipped with four-wheel drive.

June 30, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Rayco Manufacturing, a Wooster, Ohio-based manufacturer of wood stump grinding equipment, has introduced a four-wheel drive option among its RG35 Super Jr. stump cutter. The company says the four-wheel drive option, which is available on new machines as well as a retrofit kit for older RG35 Super Jr. models, helps to make working on challenging terrain easier and provides better traction for climbing slopes and chip piles.

Rayco says the RG35 Super Jr. is designed to give wider cutting dimensions, lower center of gravity and more traction and floatation while cutting. The stump cutter, equipped with 35 horsepower, features swing-out controls designed to offer better visibility while cutting and swing in-line for travel through gates. Other features of the RG35 Super Jr. include wide, bar-tread floatation tires, hydraulic backfill blade and 51-inch cutting width.

Rayco celebrated 35 years of business in 2013. More information on the RG35 Super Jr. can be found at www.raycomfg.com.