Rapid Recovery Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Refrigerant recycler has been serving demo contractors for a decade.

January 2, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Rapid Recovery, a Peoria, Ariz.-based refrigerant recovery company, finished 2012 by celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Founded in 2002, the company says it has “revolutionized the way refrigerant gets recovered in the U.S."

“The need for providing mobile EPA-certified refrigerant recovery at faster speeds then available to HVAC contractors was what got us started,” says Adam Dykstra, president of Rapid Recovery. “Then identifying that using a franchise model to service them and provide national coverage is what has enabled us to expand so quickly.”

Dykstra also says Rapid Recovery’s “superior service, backed by local ownership, provides a great partnership for local contractors who need job-site refrigerant recovery."

Rapid Recovery now has more than 30 locations throughout the U.S. and work experience in at least 47 states, according to the company. In a news release announcing its tenth anniversary, the company says its use of “proprietary AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute)-certified gas powered recovery equipment, custom tools and applying 250-plu years of combined HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry knowledge gives [us] a distinct speed advantage over ‘do it yourself’ options.”

“I like to say that we are really in the man-hours-savings business,” says Dykstra. “We can recover as much as 500 pounds of refrigerant in an hour, 10 times faster than your average recovery machine. From one unit to hundreds of units, from one pound to thousands of pounds of refrigerant, we’ve handled it all,” Dykstra adds.

Rapid Recovery also helps document each recovery to meet EPA requirements, Dykstra notes. “In fact, we assume the contractor’s liability for every pound of refrigerant we remove and every unit we recover. Our contractors never have to worry about an audit, as our process exceeds all their needs,” he says.

“In 2011, we recovered over 1.7 billion pounds of carbon equivalent CO2. For year to date 2012, we recovered roughly 4.5-plus billion pounds. To put that in laymen’s terms, that is roughly the equivalent of not burning 224.5-plus million gallons of gas that would have polluted our environment,” says Dykstra.

Rapid Recovery most recently opened in Atlanta with its franchise partner Todd Beaver, prompting Adam Dykstra to reminisce on starting the business 10 years ago “I remember when Rich Dykstra, Les Rhynard and I opened up Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco. We spent each day driving our trucks out to visit contractors and supply houses - introducing ourselves, educating everyone on our capabilities and earning their work. It sounds foolish but we had a vision, some know-how and a passionate belief we were the guys to explore outsourcing recovery. We just needed to find enough customers to get paid for doing it! Sure, crazy, I know. But that’s what America is about,” says Dykstra. 

Rapid Recovery offers refrigerant abatement nationwide through its franchise network. More information on the company can be found at www.raprec.com.