Peterson data software can be used as troubleshooting tool

Peterson data software can be used as troubleshooting tool

Peterson+ is a cloud-based machine monitoring, diagnostics and information system.

March 15, 2017
CDR Staff
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Peterson Pacific Corp., Eugene, Oregon, showcased its Peterson+ customer support system at the 2017 ConExpo-Con/Agg show in Las Vegas from March 7 to 11. 

Peterson+ was designed to enable an integrated team to work together by sharing machine data, helping provide customers the information they need to ensure successful grinding and chipping operations.

“Peterson+ is a unique communication network and information system connecting Peterson machines, customers and dealers with Peterson’s cloud-based machine monitoring, diagnostics and information systems. The system will help improve customer profitability through higher machine utilization, productivity and increased uptime” says Larry Cumming, Peterson’s president.

Peterson+ equipped machines, such as Peterson’s new 3310 drum chipper and 4710D horizontal grinder, provide streaming machine data, including a GPS locator. Customers can have live access to the machine’s on-board display and operating information on their office computer, laptop or mobile phone. Statistical historical data can also be used to track important information such as fuel consumption, an engine’s revolutions per minute (rpms) and oil temperatures. 

The wireless display feature uses a local area network to allow machine operators to use their smart phone as a wireless display mounted in an excavator, loader or control booth.

Peterson+ can also act as a troubleshooting tool. The operator, dealer and Peterson technicians can all see what is going on with the machine’s control system—similar to having a technician on-site working through a potential problem.