Pennsylvania storefronts will be pulled down

Demolition crews will use an 80-foot arm to pull storefronts from behind to avoid impact on Ellwood City streets.

September 13, 2017
CDR Staff
Demolition recently began on two buildings and four storefronts on four properties in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, a report by the Ellwood City Ledger says. Continental Construction and Demolition of Bethel Park says the project will be completed within 10 days.

The structures were located along Lawrence and Bell avenues in Ellwood City’s main business district, where Continental crews already tore down the garages. Currently, workers are tearing down the rear of the building. Parts of the properties were structurally unsound and have been vacant for more than five years.

According to the report, Continental plans to pull the front portions of the buildings down using a piece of equipment with an 80-foot arm. The storefronts will be pulled from behind to avoid impact on Lawrence Avenue.

The project costs $270,000 and is partially funded by a grant from the May Emma Hoyt Foundation, which its website says is “dedicated to improving life in Lawrence County.” The borough received $250,000 from the foundation with $100,000 marked for the demolition and $150,000 dedicated to site preparation for potential redevelopment. The rest of the costs came from Ellwood City’s property income, specifically the rental and sale of a property in Ellport.

After demolition is complete, the space may be part of a streetscape project involving infrastructure and other modifications to the business district.