Oxford Recycling to install solar system

C&D recycling firm plans to generate 350 kilowatts of electricity.

July 18, 2014
CDR Staff
Mixed C&D

Oxford Recycling, a construction and demolition recycling firm headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, has announced plans to install a solar-powered system at its recycling plant.

To accomplish this, the company has chosen Denver-based Clean Energy Direct to install and support its 350-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic solar system to produce electricity at its recycling facility. Clean Energy Direct is a nationwide network of designers, engineers, installers, energy experts and consultants that are involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“We chose to add solar to our operation to further our goal of preserving our natural resources and environment,” says John Kent, president of Oxford Recycling. “We’ve dedicated over an acre of our operating facility to the installation knowing it will more than pay for itself in the years to come in both energy savings and environmental benefits.”

Mark Clifton, director of Clean Energy Direct, says, “We’re extremely pleased to be working with Oxford Recycling on this project; helping them fulfill their vision and ours of supporting projects with multifaceted environmental benefits like energy offset and constructive land use."

Clifton adds, “We’re using proven components assembled to a site-specific engineering solution for the Oxford Recycling project, we want the system to perform to their high standards of efficiency for years to come.”

Oxford Recycling, found in 1979, specializes in concrete, asphalt and wood products.