Oregon DEQ Seeks Comments on Greenway Recycling Permit Request

Portland-based company’s solid waste permit for its material recovery facility expired.

September 25, 2013
CDR Staff
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking comments before deciding on approving a solid waste permit for Greenway Recycling to continue to operate a material recovery facility (MRF) in an industrial area of Portland. The area includes another MRF, as well as businesses engaged in petroleum storage, sand and gravel operations, heavy trucking, railroading and other heavy and light industries.

The company’s current solid waste permit expired in March 2013, but it has been administratively extended until DEQ takes final action on a renewal. 

Greenway Recycling specializes in the recovery, recycling and repurposing of construction and demolition debris, as well as processing dry waste from commercial sources. The facility accepts wood, metal, cardboard, asphalt shingle roofing, commercial ceiling tiles, insulation, carpet and carpet pad, concrete, sheetrock, and construction and demolition wastes. 

The facility also accepts roofing waste, including 3-tab roofing that is ground and sent for recycling as well as built-up roofing, which is roofing that has layers of felt and asphalt that were typically used on flat surfaces. Built-up roofing may only be accepted if it has been sampled and determined to not contain asbestos, but it may not be accepted for recycling, may not be ground, and may only be accepted for transfer to a disposal site that is permitted to receive such wastes. 

Greenway Recycling is not open to the general public. The company’s facility services businesses and requires companies to have either a self-tipping truck or trailer. Most processing at the facility takes place under cover, although some clean materials are stored outside. The facility has a stormwater permit to control stormwater runoff. 

The Greenway Recycling facility obtained local land use approval from the city of Portland in 2006 and has been a DEQ permitted MRF since July 2007. 

In regards to violations, between 2006 and 2012, DEQ issued two warning letters and a civil penalty of $1,697 to the company for failing to comply with fugitive dust emissions in accordance with permit conditions. In follow-up inspections, DEQ has highlighted the need for continual monitoring and application of water on operations to control and minimize dust. The facility is currently in compliance with the solid waste permit and has an updated operations plan. 

To submit comments for the public record, send them by mail, fax or email to: Holly Pence, Permit Coordinator, DEQ Northwest Region Solid Waste Program, 2020 SW 4th Ave., Suite 400, Portland Ore., 97201. Email: pence.holly@deq.state.or.us. Written comments are due by Oct. 17, 2013.