Oregon DEQ Seeks Comments on C&D Landfill Closure Permit

Owner of Joe Ney Construction & Demolition Waste’s landfill seeks permit to design closure plan for facility.

August 29, 2013
CDR Staff

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is requesting comments from the general public on the proposed closure permit for the Joe Ney C&D waste landfill in Coos County, Ore.

If the permit is authorized, the owner and operator of the C&D landfill would be able to develop, design and implement plans to close the facility. Additionally, the permit would allow the company to provide post-closure care in conformance with the requirements, limitations and conditions set forth in the permit.

Once the permit has been issued, the permittee would be prohibited from accepting additional solid waste (including C&D waste) for disposal at this facility.

Coos County submitted an application for renewal of their solid waste permit for this facility on October 5, 2006. Subsequently, in a letter dated October 18, 2012, Coos County amended the application to request a closure permit. The Joe Ney C&D Landfill is located on county-owned property about three miles southeast of Charleston, Ore. Between 1970 and 1980, the site was used for disposal of municipal solid waste. The areas used for MSW disposal were closed with a soil cover. Since 1980, the site has been used exclusively for disposal of C&D waste.

To submit comments, send them by mail, fax or email to: Fran Holman, Permit Coordinator Western Region, Oregon DEQ Solid Waste Program, 750 Front St. NE, Suite 120, Salem, OR 97301. Tel: (503) 378-5047 or Toll free, (800) 349-7677. Fax: (503) 373-7944. Email: holman.fran@deq.state.or.us. Deadline for comments in Sept. 27, 2013